Meet Your Chapter Consultants: Christiana Berardi, Gamma Psi ’13

We will be revealing your Chapter Consultants throughout the week. If you’re going to National Convention, you can get to know them in person, but for those that have to wait for Chapter visits, we’re here to give you a few fun facts about your 2014-2015 Chapter Consultants.

Final addition: Christiana Berardi

Christiana Berardi joins us as an alum of the College of William and Mary and can’t wait to hit the ground running as a Chapter Consultant. Here are 6 facts about this Gamma Psi Alum.

6 Fast Facts about Christiana

6 Fast Facts about Christiana

1. What makes you laugh?

Jimmy Fallon is my absolute favorite celebrity and comedian. I record the Tonight Show every night and watch them sequentially on my day off.

2. Name one guilty pleasure.

I have a true appreciation for food being in the restaurant industry for about 8 years and still I will crave Kraft Mac n Cheese. I have had plenty of amazing homemade versions, but nothing beats that childhood guilty pleasure!

3. What is a small luxury to which you treat yourself?

I love to get my nails done and I try to go every two weeks. It is one of my favorite things to do along with getting my hair done.

4. What is your favorite TV show/sitcom?

I do not necessarily have a favorite TV show. I love Scandal, Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Graceland, White Collar, Gossip Girl, Castle and so many more. Anything with a great plot and a lot of drama will do the trick!

5. Who do you admire?

I truly admire my parents. They are the most caring, hardworking and loving parents. They are entrepreneurs and have had many successful businesses over the years and have taught me to love unconditionally, to work hard and to give everything my all.

6. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I have been to a few places in Italy. After my dad completes his application, I will be eligible for dual citizenship in Italy, which will be absolutely amazing. However, I would love to visit Ireland and New Zealand.


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