Live a Life of Service

Shannon O'Donnell (Gamma Chi Chapter '06)  speaking at the 2014 Grand Chapter Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shannon O’Donnell (Gamma Chi Chapter ’06) speaking at the 2014 Grand Chapter Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

On the Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity Blog we will be highlighting what took place at the 2014 Grand Chapter Meeting and National Convention in Atlanta, GA.

If there is one thing you remember about Shannon O’Donnell (Gamma Chi Chapter ‘06), remember the inspiring words she spoke at the 2014 Grand Chapter Meeting! We told you about Brother O’Donnell’s life after college about a month ago. She left the country in 2008 to live a life of service and travel across the world, mostly by herself, with really no plan in sight other than to help people in need!

Since her first journey she has been to 40+ countries and was even named one of the 2013 National Geographic Travelers of the Year. During the Grand Chapter Meeting, O’Donnell told us about 3 of her visits where she learned 3 very important life lessons.


3 Life Lessons Brother Shannon O’Donnell Wants You To Remember

Lesson 1: “What cause or issue fires you up inside? DO THAT!”
If you are passionate about something in life, do it! Is there a special organization you hold close to your heart? Volunteer! Help however you possibly can!

Lesson 2: “Bad things happen. Do good anyways.”
There is a lot of negativity in the world. Instead of falling into the negative trap, stay positive, keep your head held high and always do good.

Lesson 3: “Do all you can to support the dreams of those you meet.”
Help every chance you get. Go to a place in need, ask what needs done and how you can help and do it (even if it means being a secretary and filing some papers). Your good deed can help a person or organization more than what you think!

More Inspiring Quotes from Shannon O’Donnell

“Lead from a place of service.”

“It’s okay to live in that fear, but not to let it stop you.”

“Smiling is the universal language for hello.”

“Lead from a place of service.”

“Balancing the Tripod evolves every month and day.”

Want to learn more about Shannon O’Donnell? Follow her blog, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. PLUS check out more about Shannon O’Donnell’s life in the next edition of The Lampadion.


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  1. […] and instead headed to the beach with my nieces and nephews, hiked a bit in the Pacific Northwest, spoke at convention in Atlanta, dinner-ed with friends in Florida, and lost myself in the streets of New York City. […]

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