Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Get Your Resources

On the brand new Phi Sigma Pi website, there is a brand new Resource Center. You might remember it as the Toolbox on the old website. Well, with it’s upgrade it also got a new name (Yah, we like it too).

There’s also new ways to get to the Resource Center. You could go here and bookmark it forever, type in phisigmapi.org/resources.asp or go through your Member Profile. That last way is how I’m going to show you below.

How to find it


You will first want to login. Remember, if this is your first time logging into the new website you will need to press “Forgot your password?” and then type in the email address that gets emails from us through Phi Sigma Pi.

My Profile

Once you get to your very own profile (it’s so exciting, right?) you will see several options on the left hand side of your screen. One of them is labeled Resources, click that!

resource center

We made it! Once you are here, you will realize that the Resource Center is split up into several categories (National Documents, National Minutes, Risk Management, President, etc.). You will want to find the category that you are interested in and then go over to the “files” area (that is where we store everything). Click “files” and the resources we have for you in that category will pop right up.

Use the search at the top of the screen if you know what resource you want but are unsure where to go.

Since the Resource Center is open to the public (we like to share), some of the resources are password protected. To open those special ones you will need to enter the Fraternal word.

Happy Resource Centering!

… but really, there are some good resources in there so check ‘em out!

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