How to Use a Chapter Calendar

Does your Chapter use a Chapter Calendar? We’re here to give you some reasons why using this tool might be good for you and your Chapter.


Use a Chapter Calendar as a communication tool!

Communication – Without the Nagging!
A centralized calendar can keep everyone in the Chapter (especially non-elected Brothers) in the loop at all times. Bonus: Brothers can look at the calendar as often as they’d like, anytime they’d like! No more blowing up their inboxes.

Invitations – Make Everyone Feel Welcome!
With Google Calendar, you can send event invitations. You can monitor your guest list and budget smarter for the event. Plus who wouldn’t feel important after receiving a personalized invitation?

Fellowship Fun
Use the calendar to mark special dates: Brother Birthdays, Founders Day, Mid-Terms, etc…then start a trend by reaching out to Brothers on their special (or stressful) days!

Don’t miss National Deadlines
You know they are coming, Form 100, Form 20 and Form 110. Use the calendar to help you plan ahead and submit your forms on time or even early!

Perfect Planning
Have you ever had low attendance at an event? Did it coincide with another huge event on campus like Homecoming? Guess what, a well-kept Chapter Calendar can ensure you plan your events on the best possible days!

What other benefits does having a Chapter Calender provide your Chapter?


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