Initiate Advisors, Listen Up!

The Gamma Iota Chapter's (College of Charleston) latest recruitment class (Congrats, new Brothers) and their Initiate Advisor.

The Gamma Iota Chapter’s (College of Charleston) latest Initiate class (Congrats, new Brothers) and their Initiate Advisor.

The Initiate Advisor is one of the most important roles in each Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi. You are pretty much the mentor to sometimes dozens of Initiates at one time. It can get pretty demanding but also be so rewarding. We just want to “Thank You” for all of your hard work!

The National Office wants to help you as much as possible. One way we do that is in our Resource Center. That is where we have over 15 resources just for Initiate Advisors (anyone can see them though. So if you are interested in becoming an Initiate Advisor, check ‘em out).

To get to the Resource Center:

  1. click here
  2. scroll down until you find “Initiate Advisor” under “Topic”
  3. go over to the right under “Files” and click

There you will find:

  1. Initiate Advisor Handbook
  2. Initiate Curriculum Guide
  3. Tests & Quizzes
  4. Phi Sigma Pi Jeopardy
  5. and more…

Some of the resources above are private and will need a password. The password is the Fraternal word.

Now Tell Us:

Why did you become Initiate Advisor?


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