Chapter Spotlight: Zeta Iota Chapter Dodgeball Tournament

PSP Dodges MS from Paul Karoly on Vimeo.

If you are planning on hosting a campus-wide event, listen up! That is exactly what the Zeta Iota Chapter planned last semester (Spring 2014). 17 teams of 5 to 9 players competed in a dodgeball tournament.

After the Chapter talked to their Chapter Consultant about the project they knew there was a lot to plan. So, they started putting together the plans in February with a tournament date scheduled for May 3rd.

“We knew that planning an event of this scale would require a large Committee. Thus, we added an ad-hoc, campus-wide event Committee of twelve Brothers, who all were interested in helping plan the event.”

The Planning…

The Chapter started by developing four, basic sub-Committees within the larger, campus-wide event Committee. These Committees were:

  • Advertising and Social Media– Focused on designing and distributing flyers, posting electric events around campus and utilizing social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) to advertise the event. This Committee also made large banners, signs and decorated the gym on the day of the event.
  • Finances and Fundraising– Dedicated their efforts to funding the event. This Committee reached out and visited restaurants around the area to gather donations for the event.
  • Logistics- Dedicated their efforts to formulating the registration form and registration packet. The Committee developed a list of rules for the event and also decided on a price of $5/person to play in the tournament. This Committee made brackets for the event and kept up with the brackets throughout the day of the event.
  • Organizational Outreach– Focused on reaching out to other organizations on campus to get them involved in the tournament. The Committee sent emails to every organization about joining in the event.

Day of…

The day of the event, Brothers arrived at the campus recreation center three hours early to set up. There were tables set up outside of the gym so that teams could check in and fill out their liability forms(<—yah, risk management!). A DJ, various tables for food and a TV displaying each round of winners and losers were set up in the gym.

Game on…

The Chapter decided to run the competition from 2-5pm in the campus recreational center. The games were kept short (5 minute limit) to keep the tournament moving smoothly.

The Money Raised…

The winning team won a cash prize of $200. The rest…

“We decided that all proceeds of our event would be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. This cause was very close to our hearts, due to the diagnosis of one of our Zeta Iota Brothers in the winter.”

The Brother, recently diagnosed, spoke about the disease and thanked everyone for coming out to support the cause.

Overall, $1300 was raised for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The Recap…

“I am confident that I can speak for many of my Brothers when I say that this event was a fulfilling and moving experience for us all. Coming together and being able to plan an event on such a large scale was an achievement in and of itself, but being able to donate our funds to such an important cause was truly a wonderful feeling.”

The Chapter is hoping this tournament will become an annual event.


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