It Starts Now: National Hazing Prevention Week

National Hazing Prevention Week | Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

The week we have all been waiting for is now here: National Hazing Prevention Week (duh!). Not exactly what you were thinking we were going to mention? Phi Sigma Pi is excited to participate this year and do we ever have a lot planned for you.

First though let’s get the conversation started.

What is National Hazing Prevention Week?

According to the National Hazing Prevention Week website, the week “provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, campuses and communities across North America to raise awareness about hazing and to promote hazing prevention.”

Who’s in charge of this week?

Well if you want to get all technical,, but really we are all in charge. It is each and everyone of our responsibility to stop hazing, notice it when it’s in front of us and most importantly report it when you know about it! This is more than just a week long exercise… it’s an everyday exercise!

How do we start the conversation?

Think about the events your Chapter organizes with Potential New Members and go through each question below. If you have a question, discuss it with the rest of your Chapter or your Chapter Consultant.

How do I know if we are hazing?

  • Would you let a newspaper reporter see and report what you are doing?
  • Would you tell your parents what you are doing?
  • Would you tell new members of the group what they will go through?
  • Would you let the administration know what you are doing?
  • Does the activity risk emotional or physical abuse?

Still need help figuring out if it’s hazing or not? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the activity an educational experience?
  • Does this activity promote and conform to the ideals and values of your organization?
  • Is alcohol involved?
  • How does this activity specifically help the new member of the group become a better member of the organization, group, or team?
  • Is it an activity that new members and initiated members participate in together?
  • Would you allow the activity to be filmed?
  • Does the activity have value in and of itself?

When in doubt, take into consideration the following issues:

  • Consumption of alcohol increases risk and impairs the judgment of all who are involved
  • Health or safety dangers
  • Fatigue and/or denial of rest or study time
  • Verbal abuse
  • Embarrassing, undignified, or humiliating acts

The following checklist of questions is a resource from


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