National Hazing Prevention Week: 10 Alternatives to Hazing

Today we continue the week long discussion on hazing during National Hazing Prevention Week. Join the conversation.

National Hazing Prevention Week | Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

There are a million other activities to do instead of hazing. Today we are going to bring up 10 of our favorites. Then in the comment section below add some activities the Members in your Chapter like.

10 Alternatives to Hazing

  1. Plan a leadership retreat/weekend with a ropes course and teambuilding activities.
  2. Develop a community volunteer service project for the Chapter to be performed on a regular basis.
  3. Sponsor/host a career/study skill development and planning workshop for Brothers. Use resources already available on campus.
  4. Host an Alumni speaker each week for formal dinner and/or Chapter meeting.
  5. Host and plan an arts and crafts session for items the organization needs.
  6. Host a dinner and movie for the Initiate Class and/or the whole Chapter.
  7. Plan and execute a fundraiser to help offset Initiation cost and membership fees.
  8. Host a family and friends weekend.
  9. Include Initiates in Chapter meetings or a portion thereof.
  10. Attend a campus performance or athletic event chosen by the Initiate class.

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