National Hazing Prevention Week: Take the Test

Today we continue the week long discussion on hazing during National Hazing Prevention Week. Join the conversation.

National Hazing Prevention Week | Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

We spent all week talking about hazing. Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Take the following test and see how many answers you got right.

The first 7 questions come from

Hazing Self Test

1. Define hazing:

2. Name 2 of the most frequently reported hazing behaviors

3. What percent of students, who say they have been hazed, report it to campus officials?

1. 8%
2. 10%
3. 5%
4. 20%

4. What is the number one reason students don’t report hazing activities?

1. Did not know where to report it
2.  Didn’t want to get the team or group in trouble
3. Felt they might be hurt by team or group members if those members learned they reported it
4. Were afraid other members of the team or group would find out they reported it and they would be an outsider

5. Where does hazing occur the most for Honor Societies?

1. On Campus Public Space
2. On Campus Private space
3. Off Campus Public Space
4. Off Campus Private Space

6. Who do students talk with about hazing experiences the most?

1. College Staff or Faculty
2. Police Officer
3. Family Member

7. How many states have Anti-Hazing Laws?

1. 47
2. 50
3. 32
4. 44

8. Is the following situation hazing? Becky is going through the Initiation phase. She was told this week she couldn’t talk to anyone on campus but the people in the organization. If she doesn’t participate, she’s out!

    Yes or No

9. Is the following situation hazing? Members of ABC Organization decided to make a Google Document for the Members and the Initiates. On the document anyone can share concerns or ideas. However, one Member decided to make a to do list for the Initiates, which included picking up the Members dry cleaning, running to the grocery store and making cookies for the whole organization.

Yes or No

10.Is the following situation hazing? Becky from the ABC Organization is going to support the school basketball team Friday night. She asked the other Members of the organization and Initiates if they wanted to join her.

Yes or No

Hazing Test Answers | Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity


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