Chapter Spotlight: Alumni BBQ

The Zeta Beta Chapter held an Alumni BBQ.

The Zeta Beta Chapter held an Alumni BBQ.

If you are looking for one way to interact with Alumni, listen up! The Zeta Beta Chapter of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania held an Alumni BBQ. Planning a BBQ for 37 Brothers and Alumni might sound hard but it can actually be pretty easy.

The Zeta Beta Chapter saved money by hosting the BBQ in a big backyard. The Brothers brought blankets for everyone to sit on and socialize. Brothers also bought a lot of food and grilled it up the day of the BBQ.

It was what they did beforehand though that helped Alumni the most! The Chapter planned ahead! The Brothers planned this event a month in advance and shared it on Facebook so that Alumni had enough time to clear their schedule and come to the event.

For risk management, the Chapter used a Google Doc to list dietary concerns and allergies for those who were planning on attending the event.

The Chapter plans on hosting this event again and adds that everyone had a great time. This is also the perfect opportunity for newer Members to meet Alumni Members.

Now tell us:

Does your Chapter hold an Alumni event? If so, what kind of event is it?



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