5th Annual Teach For America Month!

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At school, at home and on the weekends, many teachers are non-stop classroom leaders, spending between 12-18 hours a day dedicated to you and the rest of their students. That’s 60 to 80 hours a week! Yah, you probably study that much too, huh?

This month Phi Sigma Pi is celebrating teachers everywhere (some are even our own Brothers) and we are doing it by saying “Thank you!”: video style.

Here’s how you can join the Phi Sigma Pi “Thank a Teacher” Movement.

  1. Pick a teacher that influenced your life (elementary school, middle school, high school or college).
  2. Grab your phone (or camcorder for you high-tech Brothers) and press record.
  3. Start thanking! Call out the teachers name, what they did to help you and remember to say “thank you!”
  4. Upload it on social media and tag Phi Sigma Pi (plus #pspchallenge) and your teacher’s school in your post!
  5. Challenge other Brothers to continue the movement! But you don’t have to wait to be challenged to thank a teacher. Just jump in!

Looking for other ways to get involved this month? Check out these opportunities:

  1. Attend our Teach For America webinar on Tuesday, October 7th to learn more about HoHTeach For America and a new fundraising resource specifically for Teach For America-sponsored fundraising.
  2. Support education by partnering with organizations that support underserved schools, Brothers who serve as educators or local school systems.
  3. Apply to become a Teach For America Corps Member. The deadline is Friday, October 24.

At the 2014 National Convention, the Grand Chapter discussed the direction of our National Philanthropy and passed a motion to explore new philanthropic initiatives while continuing our partnership with Teach For America. Feel free to support organizations that support under-served schools, Brothers who serve as educators and local school systems.



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