Member Spotlight: Classroom Under the Sea

Jessica Fain (Epsilon Xi Chapter '11)Living underwater for 73 days! Yep, you read that right and that is what Phi Sigma Pi Member, Jessica Fain (Epsilon Xi Chapter ‘11) is doing starting TODAY!

Jessica and another professor (Bruce) at Roane State Community College are partnering with the Marine Resource Development Foundation to get middle and high school students interested in science while living in an underwater habitat.

The underwater habitat, known as Jules Undersea Lodge, is in Key Largo, Florida.

You can take a tour by watching this video:


How did this once in a lifetime adventure get started?

For three years Bruce and I have been taking students down to key largo to participate in a coral reef ecology class that Marine Resources Development Foundation offers. It was just by chance that we ran into to the founder of Marine Resources Development Foundation and we mentioned that we wanted to break the world record for living in a underwater habitat. A few months later he called us and said he wanted to do it and we started planning. Jessica Fain (Epsilon Xi Chapter ‘11)

Jessica Fain (Epsilon Xi Chapter '11) Diving

Jessica Fain (Epsilon Xi Chapter ’11) Diving

Oh, and how did Phi Sigma Pi gear you up for this adventure?

Being in Phi Sigma Pi helped me find my strengths as a leader and, helped me learn how to coordinate events and work as a team to see the events through. Being in Phi Sigma Pi I learned not be afraid of taking on projects/events that seem to be too big, because with teamwork and a little organization those big projects/events are not only possible they are typically the most rewarding. Jessica Fain (Epsilon Xi Chapter ‘11)

Want to keep up with Jessica’s journey? You can follow the Classroom Under the Sea Facebook page or on Twitter at @ClassUnderSea and @AquanautJess. You can tweet Jessica your questions about her journey or you can send Jessica letters, yes… snail mail, to

51 Shore Land Drive
Key Largo, FL 33037

Jessica and Bruce will also be holding a live broadcast on YouTube Thursdays at 1pm EST. You can also watch it after the live broadcast on YouTube. Check out the Classroom Under the Sea website for the list of topics the two will be discussing.

Safe travels!

Are you a Phi Sigma Pi Member doing something awesome? Email to be featured on the Phi Sigma Pi blog!



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