Teach For America Month: 10 Volunteer Opportunties


Being a Member of the Teach For America corps isn’t the only way to participate in our relationship with Teach For America. You can support a Teach For America School or sponsor a Teach For America teacher, but that’s not all. Teach For America also supports and wants to provide Brothers with short-term opportunities volunteer opportunities.

Teach For America is partnered with the following organizations that all provide opportunities for volunteering and great options for Hours of Hope submissions too:

1. Habitat for Humanity

2. Big Brothers Big Sisters

3. Junior Achievement

4. Campus Kitchens Project

5. Girl Scouts of the USA

6. Breakthrough Collaborative

7. Students for Education Reform

8. Peer Health Exchange

9. MoneyThink

10. Break Away

That’s a lot of great organizations, so get volunteering!

Have you ever volunteered for one of these organizations? Did you know that Teach For America was partnered with them?

Please feel free to reach out to TFA’s Phi Sigma Pi partnership manager, Evan McKittrick, at evan.mckittrick@teachforamerica.org with questions or for help in connecting with service opportunities in your community!

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