4 Tips for Voting on Initiates

It’s the same exciting moment when your Initiates complete the Initiate requirements written in the National Constitution

  • Coordinate one event that shares the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi
  • Learn Phi Sigma Pi History
  • Learn the Fraternal Songs
  • Pass the National Membership Exam
  • Fulfill Financial Obligations

…and now it’s time to vote!

Need some guidelines? Follow these 4 helpful tips.

Four Tips for Voting on Initiates

  1. Use “Characteristics of an Ideal Brother” as a guideline for pro/con debates.
  2. Provide the Big Brother an opportunity to be the first pro since that person knows the Initiate best.
  3. Avoid generalities or assumptions about Initiates. If there is uncertainty about something an Initiate did, make sure someone has talked to them about it prior to the vote. Negative or con debate should be fully supported with factual evidence.
  4. Provide a photo/video introduction of each Initiate to ensure Members are associating the correct name with the right individual.

Remember: At the 2015 Grand Chapter Meeting an amendment was passed to add this section to ARTICLE IX: COLLEGIATE CHAPTERS, Section 5: Recruitment and Initiation Requirements, B. Initiation:

Ensure each Initiate is provided feedback in person at least once on the Initiate’s progress on the requirements of the Chapter Initiation Program.

It is important to give feedback to each Initiate at least once during the Initiation process. You want to give the Initiate a heads up if the Initiate needs to complete some of the requirements listed above or if they are missing the mark before the final vote takes place. Opportunity to correct the situation should be afforded.

For more information on Initiate reviews and if by chance you do need to remove someone from the Initiation Program check out this resource in the Phi Sigma Pi Resource Center. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Chapter Consultant.

So get out there and welcome some amazing new Members into the greatest Honor Fraternity around!

Leadership in ActionGet 3 more tips for retention by watching this Leadership in Action video. Enroll in Leadership in Action at phisigmapi.org/liasignup.


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