TFA Month: Halfway there!


We’re halfway through our 5th Annual Teach For America Month! Here’s a breakdown of what’s gone on so far and what’s still to come:

#pspchallenge: Thank a Teacher!

Have you thanked a teacher yet in our “Thank a Teacher” Challenge? Here are some of our favorites.

It all started with our Director of Leadership Advancement Krista Kay:

She challenged Matt and Katie Peachey:

Our Chapter Consultants got in on the movement and you responded to their challenge. Nicole Blumenstein and Megan Phillips accepted the challenge and Nicole’s teacher said it made his year!


There’s still time to thank your teachers! You don’t have to wait to be challenged. Feel free to thank a teacher anytime! Just use the #pspchallenge hashtag so we know you’ve completed it. Also, remember to set the video to public if you’re on Facebook!

Teach For America Hours of Hope Spotlights

Every Friday we’re highlighting the amazing work you are doing through our Hours of Hope Spotlight. This month we’re focusing on those hours that have benefited Teach For America. Keep an eye out for more of those and don’t forget to submit your hours of service to the community for Teach For America and all the organizations for which you volunteer.

HOH Spotlight- Epsilon & Beta Phi

HOH Spotlight- Alpha Zeta

Teach For America Corps Deadline

The next deadline to apply to become a Teach For America Corps Member is October 24th! Apply here:

TFA Deadline

Teach For America Webinar

Miss the Webinar from earlier this month? You’re in luck! We’ve got the highlights for you right here. Just click on the topic you want to know more about:

There’s still half of Teach For America Month left.  So keep making videos for the “Thank a Teacher” Movement!

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