Committee Chairs… this one’s for you!

Your Chapter may have almost a dozen Committees. Note: this is normal. Your Chapter has a lot going on and divvying up responsibilities is a great way to combat burnout and stress.

If you are wondering, where do I start or I have some ideas but what’s next? You are in luck because we are here with the six steps to an awesome Committee!

6 Steps to an Awesome Committee

  1. Meet with your Committees– The National Office suggests that Committees meet weekly, the same day and time each week. This will help Members in your Committee actively prepare, plan and participate in the meeting. Each meeting can range anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.
  2. Plan events with your Committee– As a Chapter, the number of events that each Committee should organize should be determined. It is then your Committees responsibility to meet that goal by working as a team.
  3. Advertise throughout the entire Brotherhood– As soon as you know when an event is going to take place, you should announce it to the Brotherhood (Collegiate and Alumni). This will give Members enough time to plan to be there. Remember, many Alumni have jobs, families and various other commitments and need to know dates well in advance.
  4. Execute your planned event with participation from your Committee and Brotherhood– You worked for weeks planning the events, now make sure people show up.
  5. Evaluate your Committee’s events– It is important to understand that every event has strengths and weaknesses. Right after the event, record the successes and shortcomings using this Event Evaluation Sheet. Remember to keep a filled out copy of this sheet in your Committee Binder so the next Member that takes over your position can see what worked and what areas need some improvement if the Member decides to plan the same event.
  6. Apply for a Phi Sigma Pi National Award– You can do this all year long and online. Just go here and fill out the form for the award you want your Chapter to win.

Resource Center

Need some event ideas to plan? In the Phi Sigma Pi Resource Center we have Committee Manuals filled with a lot of ideas and information. Here is the list of Committee resources:


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