Where do all of the pencils go?


As part of Teach For America month, we want to tell you more about the Pencils for Potential campaign. Kaitlyn Waite, our Programming Coordinator, is here to tell you more.

By Kaitlyn Waite, Programming Coordinator, Gamma Chi Chapter ‘12

“Where do all the pencils go?”

Pencils for PotentialTo many of us, a pencil is a simple writing tool. To students, it means education. The Pencils for Potential campaign was created in 2012 to allow Phi Sigma Pi Members the chance to support students and teachers in the classroom. Since 2012, Brothers have donated over 17,000 pencils to 4 different schools. So which schools receive the pencils, you ask?

Pencils are sent to a different Teach For America sponsored school each year. To continue supporting students and teachers we meet at Alternative Break Project schools, pencils are  sent to project sites the respective year of the project. This helps students who have left an impact on Brothers, and also allows Members to continue supporting students after the Alternative Break Project.

Here’s the breakdown of each year of the Pencils For Potential campaign:

  • 2012 – SPARK Academy in Newark, NJ and KIPP Spirit College Preparatory in Houston, TX. SPARK Academy is an elementary school and KIPP Spirit College Preparatory is a middle school.
  • 2013 – T.C. Howe High School in Indianapolis, IN teaches middle and high school level students.
  • 2014 – Positive Tomorrows in Oklahoma City, OK is an elementary school that focuses on educating homeless children and their families.

We are happy to have left a great impact on students who needed our support. For more information on the Pencils For Potential campaign and the Alternative Break Project, visit the website.


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