Leadership in Action Certification

LiA high res2014 has been a great year for Leadership in Action. Many Members have participated in the program and we had the opportunity to spotlight Members who have championed the program at National Convention this past August.

Congratulations to the following Members who were awarded their Leadership in Action certification at the 2014 National Convention:

  • Tina Bouthillier
  • Katherine Bruner
  • Mike Covin
  • Ashley Crawford
  • Katherine Eckelberger
  • Catherine Goepfert
  • Jonah Goodman
  • Stuart Klein
  • Joanne Lamb
  • Shaun Laubis
  • Josh Lazar
  • Kim Lovejoy
  • Meghan Mangrum
  • Ashley Morris
  • Lindsey Morris
  • Vicki Moser
  • Colleen Page
  • Amy Phillips
  • Cam Porter
  • Justin Pritchard
  • Jillian Quirante
  • Fiona Stevenson
  • Brianna Tiernan
  • Sarah Viviani
  • Adam Vough
  • Beth Walsh
  • Jessica Way
LiA for Blog

Members discussing one of the two Leadership in Action National Modules at the 2014 National Convention in Atlanta, GA.

To earn a certification in Leadership in Action, Members must earn 75 points throughout the program.

In addition, Members who attain 10 or more points per academic year post-certification become a member of the Leadership Advancement Society. We’d like to acknowledge the following members of the Leadership Advancement Society:

  • Bob Airey
  • Sarah Alderman
  • Jillian Blueford
  • Nick Christy
  • Omari Daniels
  • Debby Harnishfeger
  • Ryan Hebert
  • Aimee Landry
  • Matthew Newmeyer
  • Avezou Petit-Frere
  • Antoine Prince
  • Thomas Preli
  • Marjolyn Varano
  • Christine Vazquez

Looking to attain your certification? Here’s a sneak peak into Leadership in Action opportunities that will be available at Regional Conferences this spring:

  • Art of Effective Communication – How We Connect Regional Module: Members will learn to build rapport and determine how to connect with each other.
  • Motivating Brothers To Be At Their Best – Overcoming Obstacles to Motivation Regional Module: Members will identify obstacles to motivation and develop strategies to overcome those obstacles.
  • Facilitator Training: Become a facilitator and lead Leadership in Action modules for your Chapter at the local level.

Don’t forget, local modules can be requested for your Chapter and podcasts are available year round. Check out the website for more details.


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