Capital Alumni Chapter Scholarship Winner

Last fall the Capital Alumni Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi started a scholarship to pay for the National dues for one Collegiate Member. This terms scholarship recipient is Antonia Bongiovi (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘15).

Antonia Bongiovi (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘15)

Antonia Bongiovi (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘15)

Antonia Bongiovi (Gamma Pi Chapter ‘15) is a senior at Towson University and is majoring in Middle School Education. Antonia joined Phi Sigma Pi as a second semester freshman. Since then, Antonia has held several positions including Scholarship Chair, Parliamentarian and currently Chapter President. After graduation, Antonia wants to continue to give back to the Members of Phi Sigma Pi and join an Alumni Chapter.

In Antonia’s essay submission Antonia writes…

To me, Brotherhood is an opportunity to grow, as well as a system of unconditional support. Without these people in my life, not only would my life be much duller, but also I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My Brothers helped me out of my shell. They talked to me when I was too shy to initiate conversation. They encouraged me to go to events, even if I thought it would be too difficult. They ate with me when they saw me alone on campus. They fully embraced me, even when I wasn’t comfortable with myself.

Congratulations Antonia!

The criteria for applying for the Capital Alumni Chapter scholarship includes a desire to reach out and interact with Alumni and exemplify Brotherhood through all actions and words. Collegiate Members can be nominated by a Capital Alumni Chapter Member or submit an essay for consideration by our Executive Board. Email Capital Alumni Chapter President Karen Goodman at for more information.

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