Hours of Hope: All the Updates

HOH-Hourglass1112It’s Hours of Hope update time!

So, where are we? 68,370 hours.

Where do we want to be? We want to log 100,000 hours of community service by our Centennial in 2016, so that means we still have 31,630 hours to go.

Is there a competition involved? Well, kind of…bragging rights. These five Chapters are currently on the leaderboard for hours submitted:

  1. Alpha Zeta Chapter (6830.5)
  2. Alpha Pi Chapter (4,363)
  3. Alpha Epsilon Chapter (3,660.25)
  4. Beta Pi Chapter (3,134)
  5. Alpha Eta Chapter (3,059.5)

What do I need to do to help? We’re asking all Chapters/Associations and Brothers to make sure they are logging all service events, either as a group or individually.

Does my service count? Not sure if your service counts? The following service events and projects are considered eligible for Hours of Hope:

  • Chapter service events (Collegiate and Alumni), like Beta Xi Chapter’s work with Oxford Community Choice Pantry. Brothers vacuumed and mopped floors, cleaned and disinfected various rooms and sorted canned goods.
  • Individual community service project participation, like Jessica Chui from the Gamma Eta Chapter. She volunteers at a local suicide prevention hotline.
  • National and Regional service events, like the Three Square Service Project at this year’s Alumni Convention in Las Vegas.



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