Chapter Spotlight: Gamma Iota Chapter Brotherhood Retreat

If your Chapter is looking for a fun bonding moment for your Members check out what the Members of the Gamma Iota Chapter (College of Charleston in South Carolina) recently planned that was a big hit!


Gamma Iota Chapter | Phi Sigma Pi National Honor FraternityBy Kathryn Friedman (Gamma Iota Chapter ’16)


Every semester, the Initiate Advisors of our Chapter plan a weekend retreat for new Initiates and current Brothers. This is a particularly special event for our Chapter, as it allows everyone to come together, reconnect and to bond with the potential new members.


These retreats generally include a variety of games and activities that both foster fellowship and develop leadership/team-building skills among our Brothers. We learn to communicate with one another and to encourage each other over the course of the afternoon.


In the past, we’ve gone camping and to the beach, but this year, our current Initiate Advisors Kayleigh Remavich and Diana Devine decided to try something new by bringing everyone to Blackbeard’s Cove, a local family fun park. The afternoon was really successful! We spent our time together playing mini-golf, riding go-karts, rock-climbing and getting to know the new Initiates.

Gamma Iota Chapter | Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity

Our Brothers look forward to retreat all semester, and this one certainly lived up to expectation!


Does your Chapter plan a Brotherhood Retreat?

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