Graduation Day is Near: 4 Ways to say “Thank You!” to your Graduating Seniors

Graduation day is near and for Phi Sigma Pi seniors this time of the year can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. It is also the time of year when the rest of us say “thank you” to those Members who put their blood, sweat and tears into this Fraternity to make your Chapter as awesome as it is today.

Here’s four ways you can say “Thank You” to your seniors!

1. Buy the seniors a discounted NAA membership– That’s right, if your Chapter buys your seniors a membership it is only $15. Now that is a steal! All you have to do is go here and sign them up. Wondering what a NAA membership will get your seniors? Here’s just a few things:

You can buy your seniors this membership two ways:

1. Online

  • Under Amount, select Other and type in the dollar amount (e.g. $60  = 4 seniors X $15 Grad Senior Gift amount),
  • Select One Time for How often do you want to make your donation?
  • Then choose National Alumni Association Membership under How should we direct your gift,
  • Fill out the Gift Message with the names of the graduating seniors
  • Complete the rest of the form as necessary.

2. Mail the order to: Phi Sigma Pi, NAA Gifts, 2119 Ambassador Circle, Lancaster, PA 17603

  • Submit a note with the names of the graduating seniors
  • Include a check (made payable to Phi Sigma Pi) in the amount of $15 X # of seniors.

Phi Sigma Pi Graduation2. Hold a Senior Send Off event– This fellowship event should be a fun get together (Maybe with some food? We heard seniors like pizza… lots of pizza!). Ask the seniors, who want to, to prepare a speech reflecting on their collegiate years and motivating the rest of the Brotherhood to keep on… keepin’ on.

3. Buy the seniors graduation stoles and cords– There’s a couple of Chapters that sell stoles and cords. You can find that information on the Wiki.

4. Write thank you cards– Get your Chapter together and write the seniors thank you cards. Make sure you write in detail specific reasons why you are thanking each one of your seniors. This is a great keepsake for your seniors that can be read when each of them need a pick me up in the “real world.”

Oh, and before your seniors leave for the real world, remember to grab their new contact information! The seniors will switch over to Alumni status and you will want them to continue to keep in touch.


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