5 Questions to Ask When Planning an Event

Make sure you have a Plan

Members planning the Philly Cup worked with National Staff to ensure its success in every way!

Members planning the Philly Cup worked with National Staff to ensure its success in every way!

After classes get started and recruitment events are done, we start looking forward to the the rest of the term and year with anticipation for some fun!

The spring is when many Chapters and Associations host larger events – whether they be campus-wide or inter-Chapter. So now’s the perfect time to start planning to make sure those events are fun, safe and successful. Before you fill out the Event Planning Form

Here are 5 questions to consider:

  1. What PHYSICAL risks exist?
    • If your Chapter/Association is hosting an athletic event, be sure that every participant completes a liability waiver with emergency contact information. This information should be kept on hand at the event.
  2. What REPUTATIONAL risks exist?
    • Consider the following questions to make sure your event represents Phi Sigma Pi well:
      • Does this activity promote and conform to the ideals and values of Phi Sigma Pi?
      • Would you be willing to allow parents to witness this activity? A judge? The College/University President?
  3. What EMOTIONAL risks exist?
    • When talking about emotional risk, conversations often focus on Initiates or newly Inducted Members. But, also think about if this activity will increase feelings of Brotherhood between all Members of the Chapter, and if the event is inclusive of all types of people.
  4. What FINANCIAL risks exist?
    • Contracts are a major consideration when money is involved. Submit any contracts for review when filling out the Event Planning Form before your Chapter signs to make sure the Chapter is covered.
  5. What is the FACILITIES risk?
    • No matter where you’re hosting the event, make sure that the facilities are adequate for the type of event and number of attendees. Also, make sure that the facility is a safe environment to prevent injuries to attendees.

These are just a few (of many) tips to help make your Chapter or Association event a success. As always, if you have a question, ask us – we’re here to help!

Reach out to the National Office by filling out the Event Planning Form when planning all types of events, but particularly the following:

  • Events co-sponsored with other organizations
  • Athletic events
  • Events involving animals (ie: Rent-A-Puppy)
  • Events at which alcohol will be present
  • Events requiring contracts and/or a certificate of insurance

And finally, make sure that your event is in accordance with the National Risk Management Policy (NRMP).

Happy planning!

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