Save the Date: Regional Conferences

Regional Conference planning is in full swing. There’s 21 of them this year and definitely one in your Chapter’s Region. However, you can attend as many as you want. So think of this blog post as a big old Save the Date. Yep, for all of the Regional Conferences.

You’re invited!

Click the icons below to find out the date, location, theme and institutions/Alumni Organizations in that Region.


What YOU Gain From Attending a Regional Conference

  1. Learn new leadership skills through Regional Leadership in Action modules.
  2. Train to lead Leadership in Action Modules at Facilitator Training.
  3. Interact with Members from other Chapters in Tripod events.
  4. Discuss Fraternity issues/ideas at roundtable discussions.
  5. Learn how to make the most out of your undergraduate experience and how to be a Member for life by meeting Alumni.

Interested in  learning more about Regional Conferences? Visit the National website or check out the “Regional Conferences: Why You Should Plan and Attend” article in the Fall 2014 edition of The Purple & Gold!



  1. […] you getting ready for Regional Conferences? #psptbt to the 2013 Buckeye Region Conference at Ohio State […]

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