Chapter Spotlight: Farmers for the Day

Collecting Hours of Hope is fun and rewarding! Phi Sigma Pi’s goal is to collect 100,000 hours by the 2016 National Convention.
Beta Xi Chapter at That Guy's FarmThe Beta Xi Chapter traveled to a nearby farm to collect over 50 hours that the Chapter submitted to the Hours of Hope campaign. This is how the Members of the Chapter did it:

17 Members of the Beta Xi Chapter from Miami University became farmers for a day. The Chapter traveled an hour and a half away to an organic farm called That Guy’s Farm. Once the Chapter arrived the Members took a 40 acre tour of the farm (scholarship, YAY). Along the trip the Members met a goat named Jethro, saw chickens, met turkeys and frolicked through wildflowers.

Beta Xi Chapter "Popped" CornOnce the tour was over, the Chapter broke into three rotating groups. Each group had a job that consisted of one of the following:

  • Harvesting beets
  • Harvesting “popped” corn off the stalk
  • Scrubbing squash that had been previously harvested

The Chapter worked hard for three hours. “We completed work they told us would have taken days for them to complete without help.” Grace Clements (Beta Xi Chapter ‘16)

The Chapter plans on going back to the farm in the spring to rack up some more Hours of Hope!



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