Honorary Brothers

Zeta Gamma Honorary

The Zeta Gamma Chapter after the Induction of Honorary Brother Angela Williams.

Section 6 of Article IV of our National Constitution lays out the specifics of who and how one becomes an Honorary Member so read that, but what does that look like in a Chapter? We asked Holly Jirousek at the Zeta Gamma Chapter (Cleveland State University) to tell us about the process they went through when Inducting Angela Williams, Manager of Administrative Operations at the Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning and the Zeta Gamma Chapter’s Faculty Advisor.

How did you decide to induct your Faculty Advisor as an Honorary Member? I proposed inducting Angela to the Chapter about halfway through the semester. She has been integral to our Chapter’s restructuring in every way and has been a fantastic liaison for us on campus. She was so proud of us when we won our award at Nationals, comes to meet every Initiate class after they are Inducted and randomly pops into our events to say hi.

What process did your Chapter go through? We voted as a Chapter to follow through and then planned to include her in our regular Induction.

Was she surprised when she found out? Definitely.

What advice would you give to other Chapters looking to induct an Honorary Member? We chose to make it completely a surprise, I asked her to come and mentioned that she would be a sort of ‘guest of honor’ but gave her no real warning. I think there is a fine line between keeping it a surprise and giving them some heads up. After Induction, Angela joked we should have told her she needed to wear white. In this respect, I wish we had given her a little more warning. Additionally, if we Induct another Honorary Brother, I think a more formal introduction of the person into the Induction ceremony would be helpful, ours could have flowed better with more of a lead in for Angela.

Still have questions about Honorary Brothers? Here are some FAQs:

1. What does the National Constitution say about Honorary Brothers?

Section 6 of Article IV: Honorary Members shall be individuals who are ineligible to become Collegiate Members of Phi Sigma Pi but who have demonstrated the highest qualities exemplified by Phi Sigma Pi through outstanding service to the Fraternity or the local community. Honorary Members shall not be required to participate in any Chapter’s Initiation Program and shall not obtain the status of Collegiate Membership. Honorary Members may be elected into Phi Sigma Pi by a Collegiate Chapter, an Alumni Chapter or the National Council.

2. How does my Chapter induct an Honorary Member?

According to Section 7 of Article IV  of the National Constitution: “Phi Sigma Pi Members in good standing may nominate qualified individuals to become Collegiate or Honorary Members. Voting shall be by ballot and shall be completed at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled Ritual Induction Ceremony at a prior called meeting with quorum and with notice of voting on the meeting agenda. No less than forty-eight (48) hours notice shall be given for this meeting. At least a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the Active Collegiate Members in good standing present and eligible to vote at the meeting with quorum shall be required for confirmation.”

They should be inducted via the Ritual Ceremony and should sign the roll book. They should also be reported to the National Staff. Dues are not collected for Honorary Members unless they join the NAA.

3. What privileges does this confer?

Honorary Members can join the NAA and may serve as NAA delegates at Grand Chapter if they are Members of the NAA and selected by the NAA to represent the Association. They can also join Alumni Chapters/Associations and hold leadership positions within them. They can also be elected to serve as an Officer on National Council.

4. What is not covered by Honorary Member?

Honorary Members are not able to vote in Collegiate Chapters or be elected to a Collegiate Chapter Officer or Committee position.

Leadership in ActionDeciding on Inducting an Honorary Member is a Chapter-wide decision. Practice reaching consensus and work as a team to make decisions with The Team Foundation- Decisions, Decisions, Decisions Leadership in Action Module.  Request the Module.


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