Marketing Our Brand: Phi Sigma Pi Roundtable Highlights

Last night our awesome panel, made up of Vice President of Membership Development Christopher McCoy (Gamma Beta Chapter ’07), Chapter Consultant Jen Rudolph (Gamma Pi Chapter ’12) and Amanda Earnest (Gamma Beta Chapter ’05), talked about all of your questions, concerns and ideas when it comes to marketing our Fraternity.

Check out the full video here:

Below are our highlights, but this just scratches the surface of the awesome advice that was given during this panel. We encourage you to take the time and review the entire Roundtable.

5 Highlights from the Roundtable

1. Ask! The number one takeaway is to ask questions. If you’re unsure of a design, if you’re in line with the National Constitution or even if you just want feedback, ASK! It’s always better to be sure. Your College or University Staff, National Staff and National Council are here to help. We all want you to succeed and be legally safe doing it.

2. Who are we? As VPMD Chris McCoy said, “We’re the smart, funny kid who’s very comfortable with who they are.” We’re leaders, welcoming to everyone and diverse, but we do have standards and expectations. You should make sure you’re upholding our ideals in all aspects of operation in your Chapter.

3. Think about how you want others to view you and your Chapter: You represent your Chapter, University and the National organization at all times. Think about how you’re representing all of those entities and what reputation you want our Fraternity to have on your campus. What message are you sending to your peers and school about the organization and the people that are a part of it.

4. Get creative! Taking inspiration from others is fine, but we’re all creative and smart people. Come up with a new idea and take pride in your work.

5. Be you! The most creative and successful recruitment campaigns are the one that represent you! Be clear about who you are as a Chapter and have your recruitment materials and apparel reflect that.

Remember, the National Office offers free recruitment materials which can be an easy, cost effective recruitment campaign for your Chapter. This could also free up Members in your Chapter that can be helpful in other parts of the recruitment process.

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