Chapter Consultant Jen’s Top 5 Moments…So Far

We asked your Chapter Consultants to give us their Top 5 Moments on the road so far. Who’s next? That would be Jen Rudolph, Gamma Pi Chapter ’12.

Jen’s Top 5

1. Visiting New Places
Exploring Chicago, driving through snowy Maine, casually hiking around the Finger Lakes in New York, sampling local New Jersey diners, and touring downtown Atlanta have all been checked off my list thanks to travelling as a Consultant. Being a Consultant has been a great opportunity to explore awesome towns, campuses, and cities, and get to do things I may not have done if I hadn’t been travelling for work.

2. Attending and Speaking at Regional Conferences
I was invited to attend the Eastern Mid Western Regional Conference last April, and I got a chance to meet five of my Chapters at one time. It was awesome to be able to meet so many Brothers and take part in the Conference with them. Capital Region asked me to sit on their Alumni Panel at CRC last year, and I am honored that they have asked me back this year to speak at their Conference this year. Being a part of National Staff has allowed me to strengthen my own leadership and fellowship skills through these opportunities.
EMRC Group Photo
3. Chapter Selfies
On my onsites, I have tried to take a picture with every Chapter I visit. It is a great way to not only commemorate the visit (and help out Chapter Historians!) but to also break the ice a little by asking Chapters, “wanna take a selfie with me?”
 4. Working with our Amazing Staff at Convention
The team of people who run the day to day operations of the Fraternity are my heroes. Being able to learn from them and work alongside them has been amazing. I love event planning, and National Convention was one of my favorite opportunities to work with a team of people who are relentlessly dedicated to providing the best possible event for the Brotherhood. (Plus, Convention is AWESOME!)nccollage
 5. Participating in Chapter Events
I have served breakfast with Sigma Chapter and Meals on Wheels, participated in Brother Trivia with Beta Nu, and attended countless Chapter dinners (like Thanksgiving Dinner with Alpha Pi and Eta Chapter’s Ethnic Food Cookoff), among many, many other cool events. Chapters surprise me every day with their creativity and their passion for the Tripod and the Fraternity’s values.


Stay tuned to see what the other Consultant’s Top 5 Moments were so far and apply to be a Consultant to experience your own top 5 moments.



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