2015 Spring Magazine Preview

The 2015 Spring edition of The Lampadion/The Purple & Gold is on its way to your door (your home if you are a collegiate). There’s so much in this edition, you probably won’t want to put it down for days. So clear your schedule, cozy up on the couch and find out what Members have been up to.

The Details

The Purple & Gold highlights our Collegiate Chapters and The Lampadion focuses on our Alumni Members.

Spring 2015 Magazine Covers

The Covers

By just glancing at the covers you know we’ll be talking about two exciting topics, Phi Sigma Pi’s Centennial year and the Alpha Lambda Chapter (Temple University) and Gamma Xi Chapter’s (Drexel University) yearly event Philly Cup!

What else ya got?

  • A glimpse into the 2015 National Convention in Washington, D.C. Register here!
  • Learn how a Chapter continues to keep in touch with its local Philanthropy.
  • The University of Central Missouri is where we call home! Did you know there’s so much Phi Sigma Pi history on that campus! We’ll tell you about it.
  • Collect ’em all: Phi Sigma Pi timeline! In the next three magazines we’ll be diving into some history. Collect all three of the timelines and hang them up at home!
  • Find out what life is really like after winning the DSK, Phi Sigma Pi’s most prestigious award!
  • Meet a Phi Sigma Pi Alumnus who designs roller coasters (Hello, cool job!)

I want to be featured… hey, pick me!

Want to see your face in the next magazine? Submit your Chapter event for The Purple & Gold or your engagement, wedding, baby news, new job or big accomplishment for The Lampadion.

Wait, how do I get the next magazine?

To get your copy of The Purple & Gold/The Lampadion you must be a Collegiate Member or a NAA Member (<— Alumni signup here!).


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