March Madness: Phi Sigma Pi Edition, Part Deux

Some more March Madness fun today! You already have your guide to the men’s event, complete with Phi Sigma Pi Chapters. Now it’s time for the Women’s Tourney.

March Madness BracketConnecticut (Beta Pi Chapter) vs St. Francis (N.Y.)
Rutgers (Alpha Theta Chapter) vs Seton Hill
Texas (Delta Psi Chapter) vs Western Kentucky (Gamma Upsilon Chapter)
California (Delta Omega Chapter) vs Wichita State
South Florida (Epsilon Delta Chapter) vs Louisiana State University (Gamma Theta Chapter)
Louisville vs BYU
Dayton vs Iowa State (Zeta Phi Chapter)
Kentucky (Gamma Upsilon Chapter) vs Tennessee State

Notre Dame vs Montana
Minnesota vs DePaul (Eta Gamma Chapter)
Oklahoma (Gamma Phi Chapter) vs Quinnipiac
Stanford vs CSUN
Washington (Zeta Sigma Chapter) vs Miami (Delta Lambda Chapter)
Iowa (Epsilon Sigma Chapter) vs American (Beta Lambda Chapter)
Northwestern (Zeta Omicron Chapter) vs Arkansas
Baylor vs Northwestern St.

Maryland (Alpha Beta Chapter) vs New Mexico St. (Delta Iota Chapter)
Princeton vs Green Bay
Mississippi St. (Delta Tau Chapter) vs Tulane (Gamma Tau Chapter)
Duke vs Albany
George Washington (Beta Mu Chapter) vs Gonzaga
Oregon State vs South Dakota State
Chattanooga vs Pittsburgh (Alpha Omega Chapter)
Tennessee vs Boise State

Sourth Carolina (Alpha Upsilon Chapter) vs Savannah State
Syracuse (Beta Epsilon Chapter) vs Nebraska (Gamma Omega Chapter)
Ohio State (Beta Iota Chapter) vs James Madison (Beta Rho Chapter)
North Carolina (Alpha Kappa Chapter) vs Liberty
Texas A&M vs UALR
Arizona State (Epsilon Omega Chapter) vs Ohio (Epsilon Iota Chapter)
FGCU Vs Oklahoma State
Florida State (Gamma Eta Chapter) vs Alabama State


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