7 Steps to Officer and Chair Transitions

7 Steps to Officer and Chair Transitions

Transition is vital to the future of the Chapter. Ideally, your Officers and Chairs should all be elected to allow at least four weeks of shadowing and one-on-one training/transition. If you are looking to strengthening your transition so the new Officers/Chairs feel good about going into their new position follow the steps below:

    • All newly elected/appointed Officers and Chairs should be watching how their predecessors conduct themselves during meetings.
  2. MEET
    • Every newly-elected/appointed Officer and Chair should meet with their predecessor on a weekly basis outside of all scheduled Phi Sigma Pi meetings and events. Grab lunch, dinner or coffee together. Outgoing Officers and Chairs need to open up to the new Officer or Chair and tell them the ins and outs of the position.
    • Schedule a meeting three to four weeks into the next semester if the predecessor will still be around campus or in the area. This will be enough time for the newly-elected/appointed Officer or Chair to gather any questions that need answers.
    • Let the new Executive Board run the last two meetings of the semester/quarter so they can start to get their feet wet and ask questions. After the meeting adjourns, the old Executive Board should meet with the new one to give them feedback.
    • For Committee heads, it can be useful if the old/new leader work together to plan the first event of the following semester. This helps ease the transition and helps you to jump-start the Chapter’s programming when you come back from winter/summer break.
  6. READ-UP
    • Be sure to read any documents relevant to your position during your breaks. These include your transition binder, documents from the National website, Robert’s Rules, local and National governing documents and any materials or training items your university has as resources.
    • Each Officer and Chair should have an effective binder. It should be a helpful tool for the incoming Officer or Chair to use throughout their term.

To find out what your Officer/Chair binder should have inside or for a four week Officer/Chair transition plan check out the Officer and Chair Transition Handbook!

Epsilon Kappa Chapter 2013

Read how Members of the Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Wentworth Institute of Technology make Officer/Chair Transitions a fun event.

Leadership in ActionWant more Officer Transition Tips? Watch this video from Leadership in Action. Enroll in Leadership in Action at phisigmapi.org/liasignup.


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