National Convention Preview: What you should pack for #pspnc15

2015 National Convention LogoThe 2015 National Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. from August 5 – 9.  On the Phi Sigma Pi blog we will be highlighting some of the reasons YOU should go and helpful tips.

Before we get to D.C., we need to pack. What to bring? Here’s a list:

Phi Sigma Pi Apparel- Everything you own, bring it (it does need to fit in your suitcase though)! A sweatshirt is a good item to pack. It might get chilly in the meeting rooms so you want to be prepared. Remember to pack your letters for the BIG PICTURE!

Money- Some food will be provided but there will also be meals that you will need to buy on your own. The National Staff has been busy making a list of yummy food places nearby for you. There will also be a lot of Centennial swag and the Chapter Bazaar.

Banquet Attire- Dress to impress Saturday night. You might even win an award! If so, that means you get your picture taken and you want to look sharp, trust us!

Membership Pin- Wear it with your fancy schmancy outfit Saturday night.

Books- Remember the #pspnc15 Service Project? We want to collect 400 books for KIPP DC! Buy them here and make sure to pack them!

Phone Charger- Yes, the world might stop spinning if you forget your phone charger. Since you are going to be facebooking, tweeting and instagramming up a storm using the #pspnc15 hashtag your phone will probably die in an hour. Charge it up, and keep on social media-ing.

Did we miss something? What else are you bringing?

Read more about what you can do at the 2015 National Convention here.


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