Celebrating National Volunteer Week: Expansion Volunteer Spotlight

In honor of National Volunteer week, we’re celebrating the service of Alumni Members who are making an impact on the Brotherhood. Each day, an Alumni Member will share details about their current involvement with the Fraternity and shed light on how to stay involved after graduation. 

Annie Herold (Gamma Tau Chapter ‘10 and Atlanta Area Alumni Association) and Rachel Dial (Gamma Delta ‘07 and Atlanta Area Alumni Association) share their experiences in assisting with the Emory University Colony, now the Eta Delta Chapter.

Annie Herold and Rachel DialWhat is the most rewarding part of being a Colony Advisor?
Annie: Seeing students who were strangers at the Pinning Ceremony earlier this semester now bond over their involvement with the Fraternity. Phi Sigma Pi is helping to strengthen connections in the Emory University community which allows the Fraternity to contribute to the university in a meaningful way.

Rachel: Watching people fall in love with an organization that was such a large part of my undergraduate experience. They are writing a new Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi and allowing me to be a part of it!

Tips on staying involved with Phi Sigma Pi after graduation?
Annie: Advising a collegiate Chapter has reminded me why I joined. Advising a local Chapter or serving on an Alumni Advisory Board is a great way to stay connected and give back.

Rachel: I am lucky since I work at a university that allows me to easily get to events and stay involved with a collegiate Chapter. I think the biggest thing is keeping in touch with Members and joining your local Alumni Organization.

What is your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory?
Annie: The Gamma Tau’s Induction of the Chi Class in Spring of 2009. It was one of our largest classes so it was a really exciting night.

Annie Herold's Favorite Moment

Rachel: The times my Chapter got together and just had fun.

Rachel Dial's Favorite Memory

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?

Annie: Phi Sigma Pi is an organization that allows Members to be their true, authentic selves, while also encouraging and supporting growth for all Members. Members help each other to be better people and I hope to bring that same value to the Eta Delta Chapter.

Rachel: I love Phi Sigma Pi for the experiences it gave me in college, the friends that I was able to make, and the leadership traits I was able to build.

Interested in starting a Chapter at a university near you? Contact the National Office at expansion@phisigmapi.org


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