#psptbt: Celebrating National Volunteer Week: 2014 National Convention Ambassador Spotlight

In honor of National Volunteer week, we’re celebrating the service of Alumni Members who are making an impact on the Brotherhood. Each day, an Alumni Member will share details about their current involvement with the Fraternity and shed light on how to stay involved after graduation.

Jillian Quirante, Epsilon Xi Chapter ’10 and Southern Appalachian Alumni Chapter, shares her involvement as a 2014 National Convention Ambassador.

Jillian QuiranteWhat was the most rewarding part of the being a 2014 National Convention Ambassador?
Being able to interact with Members from around the country, including many who were having new experiences being first-time attendees.  My favorite part was assisting in the facilitation of Roundtable Discussions.  I was able to hear some awesome ideas that other Chapters have already implemented successfully as well as share my own experiences.

Tips on staying involved with Phi Sigma Pi after graduation?
Keep in touch in any way you can!  There are a lot of opportunities to continue living the Tripod from being a Member of an Alumni Organization to volunteering as a Regional Volunteer, National Convention Ambassador or Collegiate Chapter Advisor.  Many of these opportunities are advertised via email from National Office and on Facebook.

Favorite Phi Sigma Pi Memory
My favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory is when Epsilon Xi, my collegiate Chapter, won their first Torchia at National Convention in 2013.  It was a huge wave of exciting emotions for me because I was so proud of the Chapter for overcoming several major obstacles which ultimately resulted in growth and success. I was also a Member of their Alumni Advisory Council during the year they won the award.  I recapped the entire moment in my blog at this link.  Jillian Quirante's Favorite Moment

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?
I love Phi Sigma Pi because being able to live the Tripod even after my years as a Collegiate Member makes me a better, more well-rounded individual. Phi Sigma Pi has also brought me to my closest friends.

Thank you to all of our 2014 National Convention Ambassadors.  If you’re interested in serving as a 2015 National Convention Ambassador, contact Kaitlyn Waite, Programming Coordinator, at programmingcoordinator@phisigmapi.org and don’t forget to register for National Convention.


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