Celebrating National Volunteer Week: 2014-2015 Foundation Board Member Spotlight

In honor of National Volunteer week, we’re celebrating the service of Alumni Members who are making an impact on the Brotherhood. Each day, an Alumni Member will share details about their current involvement with the Fraternity and shed light on how to stay involved after graduation.

Jonah Goodman, Delta Alpha Chapter ’01 and Capital Alumni Chapter, shares his involvement as a Board Member for The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation.

Jonah GoodmanWhat is the most rewarding part of the working with the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation and being on its Board?
The most rewarding part is being able to provide financial support to our Fraternity and knowing it will change Members’ lives. All of our experiences that we value as Members exist in part thanks to Members who have been there, mostly outside of the spotlight, to allow the national organization to grow and create bold new initiatives. My wife and I are glad we are at a point where we can provide the level of financial support we can, and I am glad I can work with The Foundation to help others who are looking for similar opportunities to give back.

Tips on staying involved after graduation?
First, never forget that we live our ideals every day whether we are surrounded by other Members or not. Whether it is grad school, careers, family or community involvement the ideals of our Tripod will always be an integral part of how we live our lives. Second, remember that the opportunities we had as undergrads existed because Members before us gave their time and resources. I encourage everyone to continue that legacy in some manner that fulfills your personal goals. For some it may mean taking on volunteer leadership opportunities with the Fraternity, or participating in local Alumni events and for others it may mean providing financial support. There are more opportunities for you now than you had as an undergrad, and if you are unsure of where to start just ask.

What is your favorite Phi Sigma Pi memory?
Nothing brings me more joy than celebrating with Member when they receive an opportunity to lead their fellow Members. From watching Members get elected to Council, to talking to a Member about running for a Chapter office, it all renews my belief in what we are doing in this Fraternity. Seeing such wonderful people, with big dreams, share those with others and have a chance to step up and lead us is brings the same optimism I feel when I get to go to Inductions.

Jonah Goodman's Favorite Moment

Why do you love Phi Sigma Pi?
I knew Phi Sigma Pi would be part of the rest of my life at my first National Convention, Parsippany 1998. We were a brand new Chapter and honestly, didn’t quite understand Phi Sigma Pi as a national Brotherhood. At that Convention we were enthusiastically welcomed as not just new Members, but also immediately we were valued as equals. The unequivocal acceptance, without needing to prove ourselves changed my life. My continued activity today, 16 years later, and my involvement with The Foundation, is a direct result of wanting to provide that opportunity and genuine support to all Members we welcome into our Brotherhood.

Thank you to our 2015 Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Board of Directors and Members. We greatly appreciate your continued commitment and support for the Fraternity and it’s programs. To learn more about The Phi Sigma Pi Foundation, provide support, or to become a Member please visit the Foundation website or email pspfoundation@phisigmapi.org.


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