6 Study Tips for Finals

6 Study Tips for Finals

If you’re a Collegiate Member of Phi Sigma Pi, then it’s because you’re attending a collegiate institution…and that means finals. We want you to know that we’re cheering for you! Go, you! You can do it! And we’re also here with some helpful study tips for getting through your final exams. You all have at least a 3.0 GPA, so you may already have this down, but here’s a refresher just in case.

You did it! (Note: Suits not recommended when taking finals.)

You did it! (Note: Suits not recommended when taking finals.)

1. Eat right. Sleep right. The best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your study sessions is to get sleep and eat your brain foods. Stay away from the sweet stuff unless it’s occurring naturally, like in fruit. Hydrate with water (Okay, and some coffee. We’re not unrealistic!). And please, don’t pull all-nighters. Sleep deprivation will not help you ace that exam and you’ll be way too tired to do a jump in the air move when it’s over. —->

final exams words circle marked on a calendar2. Make a master list. Make a calendar of when you plan on studying for each exam. When are your finals and where? How much time do you need to schedule for each? Put it on paper. Also, make sure to switch it up. Study for one subject here and then another for a bit. Write it all down so you stay focused on the tasks at hand. Plus you get to have the satisfaction of checking each item off when it’s done.

3. Turn off distractions. Say no to cell phones, TVs, Instagram, Netflix and YouTube. It’s so easy to fall down a YouTube wormhole. You start out watching a video on the Battle of Gettysburg to clarify something for your American History exam and end up 20 videos and 2 hours later on a video compilation of cats sleeping in dog beds. It happens to the best of us. But this is not the time! Make sure the distractions are minimal. Set yourself up for success.

4. Location. Location. Location. Find a place where you’re most productive and focused. That’s different for everyone. You might like to study at a desk on the basement level, silence-only floor of the library, but your roommate prefers the hum of a local coffee shop. Do what works for you.

Members of the Delta Phi Chapter at Texas State University studying together.

Members of the Delta Phi Chapter at Texas State University studying together.

5. Study buddies. Study with a friend! But only if that works for you. Studying with someone can be great. You can quiz each other, and it breaks up having your eyes in a book, running things over and over again in your head to yourself. It can also be a distraction though, so make sure the person(s) you study with have the same goals while studying together as you do.

6. Take breaks and reward yourself. Breaks are important. Get up and go for a walk, grab a coffee with a friend or even see a movie to break out of the monotony. Your brain will be able to recharge and you’ll be ready to get back to it when you return. Chocolate is also a great reward (and a loophole in the no sweets rule) if done in moderation. 1 hour of studying = 1 square of chocolate. Has it been an hour yet?

What are your study tips to others to get them through finals?

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  1. Tip three is often one of the most important. It is incredibly difficult to focus on studying when your cell phone is beeping or a movie is playing in the background. However, electronics are not always bad when studying. With the increase in technology today, many sites have study guides or apps to help your remember your notes. Be sure to balance technology with non-technology when studying to get your best results. http://www.studyape.com/history-ape/

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