Why is Induction so important?

Epsilon Iota Chapter Induction at Ohio University

The Epsilon Iota Chapter at Ohio University Rho Class Induction

Induction, one of the most rewarding Phi Sigma Pi ceremonies. Just think, you go through weeks of learning about Phi Sigma Pi, attending and planning events, making new friends and passing the Phi Sigma Pi National Exam and it all comes down to this ceremony, when you cross from Initiate to Member. So why is Induction so important? We’ll share 3 reasons but there are a billion, so add your reasons in the comment section below!

Why is Induction so important?

  1. It is the culmination of at least five weeks of really hard work.
  2. It is the first experience that the Initiates will have as full-fledged Members.
  3. The Ritual is just one way Phi Sigma Pi stays constant, from Chapter to Chapter and Member to Member. The Induction ceremony has been performed for generations of Members and Initiates.

You can find the Induction Ceremony in the Ceremonies and Ritual Review and Discussion book.

Remember, Phi Sigma Pi Ceremonies, including Induction, should be kept private and only to Phi Sigma Pi Members.

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