Alumni Convention Preview: Level Expert!

Join Phi Sigma Pi Alumni for the 2015 Alumni Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC from June 11-14, 2015. Register here.

So far we’ve been telling you why you should go to Alumni Convention, but today we’re going to turning it over to an expert, a Member who has been there, done that and will explain why you attend this year’s Alumni Convention!

By Matthew Fox (Iota Chapter ‘09), Capital Alumni Chapter, National Alumni Association, Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Member

Matthew Fox has been to a lot of Alumni Conventions. These are just some of his highlights!

Matthew Fox has been to a lot of Alumni Conventions. These are just some of his highlights!

What was your first Alumni Convention experience like?
I first started going to Alumni Convention in 2012 because a few of my friends were attending, and visiting Chicago in the summer sounded great! The experience was amazing; I got to meet a ton of Members, eat a lot of good food and see the best of what Chicago had to offer. I was hooked! Since then I have attended Alumni Convention every year. I keep coming back because it is one of the few times every year I can see all my Brothers from around the country.

Why should Alumni attend?

  • It is the best time to meet and bond with Members from all across the country.
  • You get to experience a different city each year.
  • It’s Fun!

What is one of your favorite activities at Alumni Convention?
I really enjoy the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation Happy Hour, because it is a great time to socialize with other Members. There are scheduled Convention activities, but there is also free time where you can explore the city on their own.

Do you have any tips or advice for attendees?

  • You have tons of fun, but don’t forget to take lots of pictures (the time really flies!).
  • Bring appropriate clothes for the daytime and evening activities. Don’t feel stressed about planning free time activities in advance; the best plans (for me) have always been made spur of the moment!

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Alumni Convention in Myrtle Beach?
As cliché as it sounds, I cannot wait to relax on the beach and just have fun in the sun!

Top Moments

  • Chicago 2012: Organizing a pre-convention limo ride around the city, riding the Navy Pier ferris wheel at night, the final meal at this amazing steakhouse, having cocktails with 20+ Members at the top of the John Hancock building and the impromptu group architecture boat tour of Chicago.
  • Nashville 2013: The first Alumni pedal tavern, the farewell brunch at the historic Union Station Hotel, playing Heads Up! after the closing dinner and the hilarious, redneck country bus tour.
  • Las Vegas 2014: Cabana hopping at Treasure Island and the Trump hotel, seeing downtown Las Vegas, the second annual pedal tavern and hanging outside Caesar’s palace with other Members in the evening. I travel to Las Vegas for work 4-5 times a year, and this was by far my favorite trip to Vegas and Alumni Convention to date!

Alumni Convention is my can’t-miss event of the year!

This year’s Alumni Convention is being held in Myrtle Beach, SC. June 11th – June 14th, and  I highly encourage everyone to consider attending. I look forward to seeing you there this June!



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