5 Essential Tips for Alumni Chairs

5 Tips for Alumni Chairs

Taylor Brock, Alpha Xi '16 (Alumni Chair)

Taylor Brock, Alpha Xi ’16 (Alumni Chair)

Alumni Chairs, you are the bridge that connects your Chapter’s Alumni and active Members.  You do this by cultivating Alumni interest and support, and ensuring that they experience a life-time of Brotherhood. With our Centennial year approaching, we want all of our Members to be a part of the celebration.

Today we turn the blog over to Taylor Brock (Alpha Xi Chapter ‘16) so she can shares her tips, advice and experiences as Alpha Xi’s Alumni Chair.

5 Tips for Alumni Chairs

  1. Be proactive and gather graduating seniors’ updated contact information (school email addresses may expire and/or they may stop checking them). This is extremely helpful because recent Alumni love to stay involved and connected to the Chapter.
  2. Don’t forget about Alumni that graduated 2+ years ago. Contact the National Office at alumnirelations@phisigmapi.org or call 717-299-4710 to get the list of your Chapter’s Alumni. Make sure your Chapter has a organized Alumni database that is maintained. Work on updating contact information for your Alumni. Reach out to your University’s Alumni office to see if you can get a list of your Alumni that they maintain, and cross-reference the information. However, don’t spend all your time compiling a list. The list does you no good if you do not use it, so be sure to send out communications and events!
  3. Use the Alumni connections you create to better the Brotherhood. Alumni are an excellent source of information and ideas. Work with engaged Alumni to see if they can help with contacting other Alumni, updating contact information and with the planning and promotion of Alumni events.
  4. Plan Alumni events in coordination with your University’s Alumni events since Alumni may already be in the area. Program events that are planned with the purpose of helping Alumni to visit the active Brotherhood, reunite with other Alumni and continue their commitment to our Fraternity. Invite Alumni to the events well before they are to take place. Many of them have jobs, families and various other commitments. The sooner you can get the dates to them, the better!
  5. Feature Alumni during your report at Chapter meetings. We asked Alumni questions such as “What are your favorite memories of PSP?” and “What is your advice for Brothers?” We also asked them about what they have been up to since they graduated both in their professional lives as well as in their personal lives.

Extra Tips:

Alumni Homecoming Dinner
Last semester, my co-chair and I organized the first (hopefully annual) Alumni Homecoming Dinner. We did this with little cost to the Chapter because the Brothers participated in a potluck. Fifteen Alumni attend the dinner. We passed out goodie bags to the Alumni that had a survey for them to fill out. Questions included: contact information, their initiate class, preferred method of communication and more. This really helped in organizing the information and gave us ideas on how to better keep them engaged.

Alpha Xi's first annual Alumni

Personal Touch
One way I communicate with Alumni is I like to write notes to Alumni who deserve a “pat on the back” or recognition. For example, I sent a letter to an Alum who just started a new job and another letter to one who just moved to a new city. I use Facebook to find out what is going on in their lives. I also utilize current Brothers by sending around an “Alumni Shout Out” sheet so the Members can write down who they think deserves a note.

Rewarding part of being Alumni Chair
The most rewarding part of being the Alumni Chair is seeing how appreciative the Alumni are that I keep them engaged in knowing what is going on with the Brotherhood. It is also nice to see that they are proud of how the Chapter has evolved throughout the years since they graduated.


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