5 Tips for Recruitment Reservations

5 Tips for Recruitment ReservationsWhether you are working, taking classes, visiting relatives or just hanging out on a beach somewhere, we’re sure you are gearing up for a sensational summer! After completing a full year with Phi Sigma Pi, I am sure you are also feeling accomplished and starting to get excited for the upcoming Fall, right? No? Well, here’s why you should be!

As you know Fall Recruitment comes up quickly. As you are preparing for classes, moving back into school housing, getting re-aquatinted with Brothers and preparing your brain for studying, Phi Sigma Pi Recruitment Reservations can add additional stress. One way to avoid the added stress is to start making your Recruitment Reservations in the summer. Since you have already handed in your Chapter’s Recruitment and Initiation Calendar to the National Office with your Form 110 Reports (which are due very soon fyi), all that’s left is the calling and the reserving!

Here are 5 Tips on Getting Your Chapter Recruitment Reservations Ready! 

  1. Place A Call For Fall! Many campuses allow student organizations to send an email or go through Moodle for room or location reservations. While this is convenient, follow up your email with a phone call. This will enable you to make a personal connection with the person in charge of room reservations. You will be able to confirm your request and maybe even get suggestions on bigger and better room availability.
  2. Be Smart, Schedule Apart: For many universities, the Fall term means football season or other heavily attended campus wide events. Reserving your space early will ensure that you are not running around last minute competing with campus administration or other campus organizations to reserve your recruitment space.
  3. Publicity, it’s a Necessity: Many Chapters think that scheduling, then reserving for Recruitment events is all they need to do – but what about your publicity? You should schedule dates for tabling, putting up flyers and participating in any campus organization or fair days. Being proactive, gathering information and reserving your space for these activates will be one less thing you need to worry about in the Fall.  Also, if you plan on sending out emails or Chapter mailings to Prospective Members through the National Office or with your campus student data access, earlier is always better.
  4. Don’t Be Remiss, Find Out What You’ve Missed! Getting in touch with campus administration early (throughout the summer) may allow you to become familiar with what other events or opportunities are available for you to promote Phi Sigma Pi and recruit Potential New Members. There may be orientations, celebrations or fun events sponsored by other like-minded organizations. Be present, wear Letters, help out other campus organizations and represent the best of Phi Sigma Pi as you do so.
  5. Be Kind and Verify, Phi Sigma Pi: As the summer winds down, be sure to call or follow up on your reservation requests. It never hurts to double check and make sure your requests have gone though. If you have been working with a particular office or campus administrator, send them a thank you or invite them to one of your events. It is important to show your appreciation to those folks on campus that support Phi Sigma Pi. Cultivating strong relationships with our campus community is extremely important to our success!

Happy Reserving!

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