Chapter Spotlight: Gamma Epsilon Chapter Family Weekend

We’re always telling our parents about what we do and the people we meet in Phi Sigma Pi. And sometimes they get it. But more often than not, they think it’s just another club we joined at school. This is our yearly chance to show them what Phi Sigma Pi really means to us. We can introduce them to our friends, talk about our roles, and show them what an event is like – it’s a great opportunity to give our parents some context. Alexa Tsongranis (Gamma Epsilon Chapter ’16)

Gamma Epsilon Family Weekend

Joining Phi Sigma Pi is like adding a second family to your life. It could be your close family line or in general it could be all of the Members in your Chapter. Either way it’s a great opportunity when your home family can meet your Phi Sigma Pi family. That is exactly what the Gamma Epsilon Chapter at the University of Florida does every year. The Chapter plans a Family weekend full of activities and bonding!

Gamma Epsilon Family Weekend

Family Weekend

Family Weekend takes place each spring. This year the itinerary was stacked with fun activities:

  • Dinner with Family Lines“We thought it would be a cool idea to introduce our actual families to our Phi Sigma Pi families, as a way to make them feel welcome. So, Friday night, as families were arriving into town, we encouraged each Phi Sigma Pi family to go to dinner with their actual families.”
  • Service Event“On Saturday morning, we had our Family Weekend Kickoff which incorporated a service event, planned by the Service Committee. Members had the opportunity to help out with the March of Dimes walk with their family members.”
  • Fellowship Event“After the service event, Members and family members met at Lake Wauburg, a local park, for a catered lunch and a relaxing day on the water. And since our Members and parents alike always love a little friendly competition, it wasn’t too long before we were playing games.”

Parents love getting the chance to meet our friends, and learn what it is we actually do in this organization. Alexa Tsongranis (Gamma Epsilon Chapter ’16)

Gamma Epsilon Family Weekend

Planning Family Weekend

The Gamma Epsilon Chapter has a Family Weekend Committee Chair and a Committee of 3-4 Members who plan the yearly Family Weekend. The Committee:

  1. sends out invites to the parents a couple of months in advance
  2. prepares an itinerary and logistics for the weekend
  3. gets the Members in the Chapter excited to get as many families as possible to attend

Gamma Epsilon Family Weekend

The connection with Members of this Phi Sigma Pi Chapter and their families doesn’t stop here. The Chapter also invites their families to its Chapter tailgates during football season each fall.

Invite Your Families

Did you know Phi Sigma Pi has it’s very own Parents Club and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Newsletter? It’s true. Let your families know about them and sign them up below:

Now Tell Us

Do you have a Chair or a Committee that invites your home families to events? What events does your Chapter hold for your home families?


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