National Convention Preview: 2015 Proposed Amendments Now Online

2015 National Convention LogoThe 2015 National Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. from August 5 – 9. You can register today! On the Phi Sigma Pi blog we will be highlighting some of the reasons YOU should go and helpful tips.

The countdown is on! In less than three short months, Members from across the country will meet in Washington, D.C. for the 2015 National Convention.

2014 National Convention Grand Chapter

The Delegates of the Alpha Beta, Tau and Sigma Chapters vote ‘yea’ to you talking about these proposed National Constitution amendments with your Chapter!

For those new to the concept of Grand Chapter, the Grand Chapter is an assembly of Delegates composed of representatives from each Collegiate Chapter, each Alumni Chapter, the National Alumni Association and the Members of the National Council. The authority of the Grand Chapter is described in the National Constitution Article V, Section 1 as,

“All final legislative powers of Phi Sigma Pi shall be vested in the Grand Chapter…”

In all sessions of the Grand Chapter, each eligible National Officer, Collegiate Chapter, Alumni Chapter and National Alumni Association Official Delegate shall have one (1) vote.

Throughout this year’s Grand Chapter business, Delegates will be voting on a number of proposed amendments.

Preparation for the 2015 Grand Chapter Business

Below are a few links that will aid in preparing for Grand Chapter business. It will be important for each voting entity to review the information prior to arriving in Atlanta.

How a Chapter chooses to review the information and vote is a local decision. There are several options, however​,​ the more conventional way is for Chapters:

  • Review the proposed amendments collectively
  • The direction is shared with the Chapter Delegate
  • While attending Grand Chapter business, the Delegate will have an opportunity to engage in debate that may provide insight to the Delegate in making the final vote decision

If you have any questions regarding this year’s Grand Chapter business or National Convention, please contact the National Office at or 717-299-4710.



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