Staff Goes to Work: Social Media Conference

Our National Staff works very hard to stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in our respective areas of expertise. This includes attending conferences and seminars that keep us in the loop so we can better serve our Members. We wanted to give you an insider’s perspective to what our staff is learning. So our “Staff Goes to Work” series was born.

For our first look into the world of professional development, we have our Social Media Coordinator Adrienne Freeland (Alpha Zeta ’07) here to tell us all about Social Media Conference she attended in April.

 Social Media at Work
Harrisburg, PA

My swag bag!

My swag bag!

How did you hear about it?
I’m a member of the Harrisburg Social Media Club. There’s no fee to join, you just attend the events that you can. Check to see if there are free clubs and associations in your area that you can participate in! This is the fourth year they’ve held this conference and the second year I’ve attended.

What is the purpose of the conference?
The programming is focused on making those of us that work in social media better equipped to deal with the trends and barriers that exist in our profession. They have speakers and presentations about how to make more of an impact with our work.

Mark Schaefer talking to us about content overload.

Mark Schaefer talking to us about content overload.

What was the programming like?
We heard from two Keynote Speakers, Pam Moore from Marketing Nutz and Mark Schaefer from Schaefer Marketing Solutions and author, most recently, of The Content Code. A book that we all received in our swag bag! I’m very excited to read it.

We also had presentations on the power of the visual in social media and one on how to comply with social media policies and government regulations. That might seem dry, but it’s increasingly important in today’s business world.

What’s the number one thing you took away from this conference? 
I would have to say that the amount of information and consumable content has increased exponentially, so getting information out to your audience has also, and will continue to be, increasingly harder. This makes those that champion you by sharing your content even more important. To be trusted as a brand, or as an organization, is the key to success. I like to think our Members trust us and I’ll continue to work hard to maintain that with the content I create for Phi Sigma Pi.


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