Staff Goes to Work: Fraternity Communications Association Annual Conference

Our National Staff works very hard to stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in our respective areas of expertise. This includes attending conferences and seminars that keep us in the loop so we can better serve our Members. We wanted to give you an insider’s perspective to what our staff is learning. So our “Staff Goes to Work” series was born.

Our second look into the world of professional development, we have our Editorial Production Assistant Danielle Reidenbach here to tell us all about the Fraternity Communications Association Annual Conference she attended.

 Fraternity Communications Association Annual Conference
Louisville, Kentucky

FCA 2015 Annual ConferenceHow did you hear about it? 
Phi Sigma Pi is actually a Member of the Fraternity Communications Association. The mission for the FCA is “to enhance Fraternity communications through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information.” This mission fits with my position at Phi Sigma Pi perfectly as I communicate through print to our Members. It is a great way to learn what is working with other Fraternities.

What were some of the session names you attended?

  • Hot Topics in Higher Education
  • Why Bother? Why good magazines matter and how to make a good one
  • What Fraternity Communicators must do to boost their influence on social media
  • How to plan and promote your major anniversary

What’s the number one thing you took away from this conference?

I learned so much from this conference. Not only in sessions but also being surrounded by people who have the same job as me. My number one takeaway is probably no matter if your organization is social, honor or professional, you still have the same successes and struggles. It was great to just chat with other members of organizations to hear how they put together their magazine, post on social media or what they have added to their new member books. It reminded me a lot of the Roundtables we offer at National Convention (when Members of different Chapters sit around a table and just talk about ideas their Chapters have.).


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