National Convention Preview: Chapter Bazaar

2015 National Convention LogoThe 2015 National Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. from August 5 – 9. You can register today! On the Phi Sigma Pi blog we will be highlighting some of the reasons YOU should go and helpful tips.

Have extra Phi Sigma Pi recruitment shirts, hats, water bottles, etc. laying around? Think other Members would love to be sporting them? Want to make your Chapter some extra cash? If so, we have the answer for you!

Sell your Chapter's Phi Sigma Pi apparel at Chapter Bazaar!

Sell your Chapter’s Phi Sigma Pi apparel at Chapter Bazaar!

The answer…

Reserve your Chapters spot at the 2015 National Convention Chapter Bazaar!

What is Chapter Bazaar?

Think of it like a walk in closet for everything Phi Sigma Pi! Tables of all the Phi Sigma Pi gear and extras you could possibly want from other Chapters.

Want to sell?

It’s easy to sign up! Just check the box on the Agenda page at registration. After you go through the whole registration process, email with a description and picture of all the merchandise you wish to sell. All of the merchandise being sold must be submitted to the National Office before Friday, July 10th and approved. Requests to sell at the Bazaar will not be accepted at the door.

2013 National Convetion_Chapter Bazaar

Be a happy customer after picking up new Phi Sigma Pi swag at the Chapter Bazaar.

What merchandise is acceptable?

Remember this awesome blog post we wrote about T-Shirt Best Practices. Keep them in mind before you send your merchandise to be approved.

What if I just want to shop?

That’s okay too! Just save some time on Friday, August 7th from 5:30 pm- 6:30 pm!

Read more about what you can do at the 2015 National Convention here.




  1. […] have some extra Centennial goodies that you can purchase before others. Oh, and there’s the Chapter Bazaar. You can buy shirts and more from Chapters that aren’t available anywhere […]

  2. […] Money- Some food will be provided but there will also be meals that you will need to buy on your own. The National Staff has been busy making a list of yummy food places nearby for you. There will also be a lot of Centennial swag and the Chapter Bazaar. […]

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