2015 Capital Alumni Chapter Scholarship Winners

The Capital Alumni Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi started a scholarship to pay for the National dues for Collegiate Members. This terms scholarship recipients are Cydney Nguyen (Alpha Beta Chapter ’16) and Paige Pacheco (Gamma Pi Chapter ’17). The two were asked to write an essay about what “Brotherhood for life” means to them.

Cydney Nguyen (Alpha Beta Chapter '16)

Cydney Nguyen (Alpha Beta Chapter ’16)

Cydney Nguyen (Alpha Beta Chapter ’16) is a Cell Biology Major at the University of Maryland. Cydney joined Phi Sigma Pi as a second semester sophomore. Cydney never imagined herself in a Greek letter organization but says she could not be prouder to wear her letters and contribute to her community as a Member of Phi Sigma Pi.

In Cydney’s essay she writes…

I have found a niche in Phi Sigma Pi in which I feel comfortable to open up and by myself, even in a constantly evolving Brotherhood. I hope to continue to experience new things with my brothers in Phi Sigma Pi throughout my life. Brotherhood is meeting new people and building a community. Brotherhood is changing and adapting. Brotherhood is made of the bonds and experiences that hold us together.  Brotherhood is Phi Sigma Pi.

Paige Pacheco (Gamma Pi Chapter '17)

Paige Pacheco (Gamma Pi Chapter ’17)

Paige Pacheco (Gamma Pi Chapter ’17) is a Biology and English dual Major at Towson University and aspires to be a Doctor. Paige is the current Recording Secretary for the Gamma Pi Chapter. She says being on the Executive Board has challenged her in ways she had not predicted.

In Paige’s essay she writes…

In biology, there is a concept called positive feedback. In essence, this means that a process is driven by its own product; the more product is created, the more the process will occur, creating more product which will again drive the process to occur again. My Phi Sigma Pi story, in many ways, is a positive feedback reaction. The more I get involved with this organization, the more I fall in love with its values, with its mission, and with its Brothers. Phi Sigma Pi has already helped me become a better woman, and I foresee even more improvement in the future.

Congratulations Cydney and Paige!

The criteria for applying for the Capital Alumni Chapter scholarship includes a desire to reach out and interact with Alumni and exemplify Brotherhood through all actions and words. Collegiate Members can be nominated by a Capital Alumni Chapter Member or submit an essay for consideration by our Executive Board. Email Capital Alumni Chapter President Karen Goodman at karen.schaubert@gmail.com for more information.


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