Staff Goes to Work: Phired Up Fraternal Growth Summit

Our National Staff works very hard to stay on top of the latest trends and advancements in our respective areas of expertise. This includes attending conferences and seminars that keep us in the loop so we can better serve our Members. We wanted to give you an insider’s perspective to what our staff is learning. So our “Staff Goes to Work” series was born.

For our next look into the world of professional development, we have our Expansion Coordinator Jessica Iarocci (Epsilon Nu Chapter ’12) and Associate Executive Director Anika Jackson (Chi Chapter ’13) here to tell us all about the Phired Up Fraternal Growth Summit they attended.

What is the Phired Up Fraternal Growth Summit?

The Phired Up Fraternal Growth Summit, in its sixth year, is a two-part, day-long event. The event focuses on

  1. allowing expansion and recruitment professionals the opportunity to share ideas and resources, as well as brainstorm solutions to industry challenges
  2. providing training to Fraternity and Sorority staff, giving best practices for recruitment in existing Chapters and for starting new Chapters. More than 130 Fraternity/Sorority professionals attended this year’s event.

What sessions were offered?

The Fraternal Growth Summit offers four educational tracks:

  1. new consultants
  2. experienced consultants
  3. expansion professionals
  4. director-level headquarters staff.

The sessions were led by Phired Up Staff and included presentations of research and roundtable-style discussions. Sessions included:

  • Recruitment/Retention
  • Marketing
  • Using technology to track progress
  • Expansion Strategies
  • Social Excellence
  • Networking
The 2015 Growth Summit attendees

The 2015 Growth Summit attendees

What was your biggest take away from the Phired Up Fraternal Growth Summit?

Jessica :  I got a lot out of networking with other Fraternity/Sorority professionals. I was able to get ideas to enhance Phi Sigma Pi’s existing expansion process, including ways to better engage students and effectively market on new campuses. We were able to identify where Phi Sigma Pi is on track and where we can continue to improve our efforts.

Anika: It was interesting to hear about campus trends, such as declining enrollment and increased diversity, both impacting Fraternity/Sorority membership. Also, the demographics of college students is shifting, which will impact how organizations need to market themselves to be successful.

What pieces from the Summit would be most helpful to our Members?

  1. The 365, organic, approach to recruitment. Successful recruitment is done through year-long relationship building with students on campus.
  2. Everyone has a part to play in a Chapter’s success! Whether your job is tabling, hosting small group information sessions, presenting to a class or creating technology to help the Chapter track its progress or find a way you can contribute.
  3. Network, Network, Network! Take the opportunity to reach out to other organizations that are successful with recruitment on your campus. You may be able to get ideas to improve your Chapter’s operations and increase the impact you have on campus!

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