Meet Your Chapter Consultants (Again!) – Robbie Cusella

We will be revealing your Chapter Consultants throughout the month. If you’re going to National Convention, you can get to know them in person, but for those that have to wait for Chapter visits, we’re here to give you a few fun facts about your 2015-2016 Chapter Consultants.

Up first: Robbie Cusella (Zeta Iota Chapter ’14)


Robbie in Atlanta for 2014 National Convention.

Robbie Cusella is returning as a Chapter Consultant! He’s as an Alumnus of Saint Joseph’s University. We asked him to reflect on this last year and tell us what he’s looking forward to most in 2015-2016.

1. I’m looking forward to attending the awards banquet most at National Convention.

2. The number one thing I learned last year that I can’t wait to apply this year.
A good spreadsheet and to-do list goes a long way in helping organize information and staying productive.

3. Best new food you tried while traveling.
Fish tacos in San Diego (Thanks Zeta Alpha!)

4. How do you relax when you’re not out on the road?
No surprise here…Netflix! Parks & Rec and Bloodline are two of my favorites.

5. Your current favorite jam.
“Free and Lonely” by X Ambassadors

6.  What is your favorite thing about being a Chapter Consultant?
Traveling and seeing how common the Phi Sigma Pi experience can be across our geographically and culturally diverse schools is super inspiring.

Robbie will be the Chapter Consultant for the following Chapters:

Tau Chapter (East Carolina University)
Alpha Delta Chapter (Widener University)
Alpha Epsilon Chapter (West Chester University)
Alpha Zeta Chapter (York College of Pennsylvania)
Alpha Eta Chapter (University of Delaware)
Alpha Lambda Chapter (Temple University)
Alpha Omega Chapter (University of Pittsburgh)
Beta Eta Chapter (Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania)
Beta Pi Chapter (University of Connecticut)
Gamma Gamma Chapter (Georgia Southern University)
Gamma Delta Chapter (University of West Georgia)
Gamma Zeta Chapter (Western Carolina University)
Gamma Xi Chapter (Drexel University)
Gamma Sigma Chapter (Missouri State University)
Gamma Phi Chapter (University of Oklahoma)
Gamma Omega Chapter (University of Nebraska)
Delta Iota Chapter (New Mexico State University)
Delta Xi Chapter (University of Missouri, Columbia)
Delta Chi Chapter (Lehigh University)
Epsilon Alpha Chapter (Kutztown University of Pennsylvania)
Epsilon Eta Chapter (Eastern Kentucky University)
Epsilon Theta Chapter (Georgia Tech)
Epsilon Nu Chapter (Kennesaw State University)
Epsilon Omicron Chapter (East Stroudsburg University)
Epsilon Tau Chapter (Villanova University)
Zeta Nu Chapter (Washington State University)
Zeta Pi Chapter (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Zeta Sigma Chapter (University of Washington)
Zeta Psi Chapter (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Zeta Omega Chapter (Seattle University)
Eta Beta Chapter (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

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