#psptbt: Hendricks Met Who?!

#psptbt is a blog series on the National blog. Every third Thursday of the month, we’ll dig into the archives from the last 99 years and share a piece of Phi Sigma Pi history.

Did you know that our Founder (Alpha 1) Dr. Eldo L. Hendricks met Gandhi? In 1930, Hendricks departed for a 6 month educational trip to India, with many stops overseas. He visited many places in India including Mumbai (then Bombay) and also made stops in China, Singapore (where there was a threat of pirates!), Japan and, before returning to the US, Hawaii (not a state until 1959). While in Lucknow, India, Hendricks spoke with Gandhi about America’s “spirit of invention.” So, yes. Our Founder met Ghandi. We’ll file this under “pretty cool.”



You can read the full account of his trip to India in his piece “A Glimpse of the East” in the January 1932 edition of The Lampadion.

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