#psptbt: Going Back to Kansas City

Centennial Convention Save the Date1#psptbt is a blog series on the National blog. Every third Thursday of the month, we’ll dig into the archives from the last 99 years and share a piece of Phi Sigma Pi history.

So you may have heard that we’re turning 100 in 2016. We plan on celebrating all year, but one of the biggest events will be our Centennial National Convention in Kansas City, MO, July 27-31, 2016. So save the date! #psp100 #pspnc16

The last time we headed to Kansas City was for the 2006 Grand Chapter to celebrate our 90th year. (“You mean National Convention?” Nope. Fun fact: Back then we had the Grand Chapter in the summer and the National Convention in the fall.) We visited what was then Central Missouri State University (now University of Central Missouri) and had a great time. Gene Seevers was there! Good news, Gene will be in Kansas City for our 100th year too!

We have so much fun planned for you in 2016. We really hope you’ll join us for the Centennial celebration in Kansas City, Missouri!

90th Year ConventionGC

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